Hoping to increase visibility in business district, Roeland Park police rolling out new Retail Crime Enforcement Unit — a blue Mustang


Roeland Park police today officially put into service a new vehicle they’re hoping will increase law enforcement visibility and deter theft — and it’s not what you’d expect to see in a typical law enforcement vehicle.

The light blue Ford Mustang was donated to the department by a towing company, an features a Roeland Park police logo with the words “Retail Crime Enforcement Unit.”

Police Chief John Morris said the department will use the vehicle in the city’s business district along Roe Blvd. in an effort to reduce thefts and other crimes in the area, which is among the department’s top priorities for 2018.

“I think it sends a clear message that we are out there to deter, detect, and apprehend those who commit crime in our community associated to our business district,” Morris said.

In anticipation of a higher-than-usual wave of shoppers coming to the area on account of the predicted warmer weather, the department stationed the new police vehicle outside the Roeland Park Walmart this morning at 5:30 a.m.

“Never too early to put crime prevention methods at work,” Morris said.