Bobcat spotted near Mission Farms in Leawood


Subscriber Mike Flanagan says he’s see a good deal of interesting wildlife around Indian Creek near the Mission Farms development. But until yesterday, he’d never seen a bobcat.

“Thought I would share a few pics and a video of a bobcat that was seen in the field to the west of the new St.Luke’s medical building on Mission,” he wrote us. “I have seen all sorts of wildlife in that field to the south of 435 but never anything like this”:


It’s not the first time a bobcat has been sighted here in northeast Johnson County in recent years. A year ago, a Prairie Village man saw a bobcat in his backyard in the Corinth Hills area. Over the summer, another reader sent us a photo of a bobcat near the trails at Leawood City Park, not all that far from where Flanagan saw the cat yesterday.

Bobcats are not uncommon in Kansas, but they are rarely seen because of their reclusive nature.

Here’s a video clip Flanagan shot of the bobcat trotting across the field:

As always, if you’ve spotted any cool wildlife that you’d like to share with our readers, send it our way!