Roeland Park looking at adding stormwater detention to prep work for The Rocks former pool site

The site of the former Roeland Park pool is planned to become a new commercial development.
The site of the former Roeland Park pool is planned to become a new commercial development.

By Holly Cook

Roeland Park will add a stormwater detention installation as part of a change to its contract to prep the former pool site, now called The Rocks, for development.

City staff recommended the council approve a change order that would allow Pyramid Contractors to add a stormwater detention facility and additional grading work into their existing contract. Pyramid provided an estimate of $271,500 for installing the stormwater detention facility and $15,800 for grading to connect two parking lots.

Moody said he felt that the pricing Pyramid provided was competitive.

“I personally feel confident that this is the best route,” said city administrator Keith Moody.

The council previously debated between improving the site with a retaining wall or an underground stormwater detention facility. Councilmembers decided on moving forward with the water detention facility since the retaining wall placement could be impacted on what businesses are built on the site, which is still unknown.

The council also provided direction they preferred the underground stormwater detention formally bid out, but once city staff passed that message to Pyramid the contractor responded that “the quote they provided presumed they would also complete the underground stormwater detention and that they would only need to mobilize equipment one time and that equipment would be used on all the remaining steps.” If the city decides to formally bid the underground stormwater detention, Pyramid will withdraw their $15,800 bid for grading the parking lot connection.

According to the staff report Pyramid has stayed on schedule through the demolition and regrading of the caves site and finished the work without requesting any change orders. Staff also noted that Pyramid’s grading and stormwater detention were slightly below two engineer’s price estimates.

Councilmembers agreed to place item on new business at an upcoming meeting.