Roeland Park looking into improved signage to mark head of new Nall Park trail

The current signage at the head of the new Nall Park trail.
The current signage at the head of the new Nall Park trail.

By Holly Cook

The newly constructed trail at Nall Park in Roeland Park may be getting upgraded signage in the near future. Parks committee chair Jennifer Provyn briefed the council Monday on preliminary plans to update sign features at the entrances to the trail.

A concept for new Nall Park signage.
A concept for new Nall Park signage designed by one of the members of the Nall Park Singletrack group on Facebook.

Trail users are currently greeted with generic informational signs affixed to plywood. Provyn said the committee expected to spend about $1,000 to create a more exciting entrance feature that would incorporate comprehensive signage.

“We think we can do better,” she said.

Councilors were supportive of updating the signage, but provided a few suggestions.

Councilmember Michael Poppa said the signage should fit with the city’s overall branding and councilmember Tim Janssen suggested incorporating Roeland Park’s newly selected logo.

Councilmember Tom Madigan said updated signage should emphasize that motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trail.

Provyn also presented the council with a draft logo design created by a member of the Facebook page Nall Park Singletrack, which has more than 300 members.

Provyn said the trail’s soft launch generated more interest than anticipated, with almost 50 residents showing up to celebrate the event. The parks committee plans to have an official launch event in the spring that could incorporate a ribbon cutting ceremony and food trucks.

Crews kicked off construction of the singletrack 1.5 mile trail in November after volunteers spent months clearing brush along the trail route. The city allocated $15,000 to the nonprofit group Urban Trail Co. to complete the trail.