Rep. Yoder recognizes Mission, Dorwin Lamkin for efforts to honor Pearl Harbor vets

Dorwin Lamkin sharing a laugh at the 2016 Pearl Harbor ceremony in Mission.
Dorwin Lamkin sharing a laugh at the 2016 Pearl Harbor ceremony in Mission.

When new Mission Mayor Ron Appletoft’s son Quinn was young, the family picked up a history book geared toward kids. For whatever reason, the section on the Pearl Harbor attacks particularly piqued Quinn’s interest. So that year, Ron took Quinn to a gathering of Pearl Harbor vets organized by Mission resident and Pearl Harbor survivor Dorwin Lamkin.

“He was a little too young to really talk with them, but they had some memorabilia out, and that really interested him,” Ron remembers. “The next year, we went back.”

Attending the vets’ gathering became a tradition for the Appletofts. And when Lamkin and his co-organizers indicated a couple years later they may be getting too old to put the event on every year, Ron and Quinn stepped forward and said they’d help produce it. Quinn — still in grade school — started to serve as the emcee.

“He’s always had the gift of gab,” Ron said of Quinn. “The idea was just to help these guys keep the memory alive and recognize them.”

Fast forward to the present day, and the Mission Pearl Harbor ceremony has become a fixture not just in Johnson County, but for the whole metro.

Last month, Rep. Kevin Yoder used his time at the House podium to commemorate the survivors of the Pearl Harbor attacks, giving special recognition to the city of Mission for putting on the annual ceremony and to Lamkin. Here’s video of Yoder’s remarks:

Remembering Pearl HarborToday we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor and honor those who gave their lives on that tragic day. Every year, City of Mission, KS – Government hosts a remembrance ceremony to observe this date, and I commend them for continuing on this important tradition.

Posted by Congressman Kevin Yoder on Thursday, December 7, 2017

And earlier this month, Yoder’s office delivered a plaque to mission that had a copy of his House speech. On Monday, Ron’s first night as Mission mayor, Quinn was still back in town on college break, and made a brief presentation to the council, presenting the plaque:

Ron and Quinn Appletoft with the plaque from Rep. Yoder's office. Photo courtesy city of Mission.
Ron and Quinn Appletoft with the plaque from Rep. Yoder’s office. Photo courtesy city of Mission.