Prairie Village, Fairway area tops list of ideal neighborhoods in survey of metro-area millennials


A survey commissioned by a Kansas City metro real estate marketing company finds that the Prairie Village and Fairway area is viewed as the most appealing place to live for millennials in the near term.

Highline Partners asked more than 200 metro millennials about their housing plans for the coming year, the coming five years, the coming decade, and for retirement. Of 19 metro cities and neighborhoods provided as possible responses, more survey participants identified Prairie Village and Fairway as their ideal neighborhood for the coming year than any other location. For the five-year timeframe, only Brookside/Waldo ranked higher than Prairie Village/Fairway.

The results run somewhat counter to a national narrative about what millennials — generally defined as the generation born between 1981 and 1997 — are looking for in housing and communities. While many coastal cities have found that millennials are drawn to urban areas, with low-maintenance apartments and lots of nearby amenities as attractions, the Kansas City metro results suggest that area millennials are in many ways following the footsteps of their parents.

“[A]s millennials get married and start families, the most attractive neighborhoods remain the same — Fairway, Prairie Village, Brookside and Waldo,” reads the report’s executive summary. “They want what their parents wanted — larger homes, strong schools, and garages for their cars. While the press likes to cover the innovative developers who are pushing the lines east, or who are shrinking square footage, our research suggests that millennials who are starting families are less interested in being pioneers, rather, they want the same stability they knew growing up. KC millennials value developments that use common sense as a guide and want many of the same things they had growing up.”

Lenexa and Overland Park also received strong shows of support as near-to-mid-term destinations for millennials in the survey.

You can find the executive summary of the Highline Partners survey report here.