Authorities warning Johnson County residents to take precautions against dangerous cold New Year’s Eve


Dangerously cold temperatures will descend over the Kansas City area New Year’s Eve, prompting authorities to urge caution as people prepare for a night of celebration.

The National Weather Service’s Kansas City office is predicting that temperatures will be between 0 and -15 at midnight, with windchills of -15 to -30. As the weather service noted in a message posted on its social media accounts, the signs of intoxication and hypothermia can mirror one another, making it especially important for people to stay warm if they are out celebrating.

Johnson County government is urging people to check on their elderly loved ones and neighbors as the extreme cold lingers over the area, and to make sure that pets aren’t left outside. WaterOne has provided some helpful information on preventing pipes from freezing and how to deal with them if they do: