Some property taxes due in 2018 will be deductible on this year’s taxes if pre-paid by Dec. 31


President Donald Trump’s signature of the Republican tax reform package last week has sent many people heading to the county administration offices.

Under the tax reform package that will go into effect in 2018, property taxes will no longer be deductible past a $10,000 cap, as they are under current law. However, people who pay the current property tax assessments that will be coming due in summer 2018 will still be able to deduct them from their 2017 taxes if they pre-pay their bill by Dec. 31.

“Yesterday the IRS clarified that only taxes that have been assessed in 2017 and paid in 2017 will be deductible,” said Austin Falley, the Johnson County public information officer. “For Johnson County, that means that any taxpayers who pre-pay their May 2018 second half tax installment in 2017 may be allowed to deduct that payment, but taxpayers cannot pre-pay the tax bills that will be assessed in November 2018.”

The IRS posted an information piece on its website yesterday hoping to clarify when and how property taxes may be deductible if they are prepaid in 2017.

In addition to paying in person at the county administration building, you can pre-pay your taxes online at the county’s website here.