Zacharias supporters on Board of County Commissioners wish him well at final meeting

Johnson County residents thanking outgoing County Manager Hannes Zacharias earlier this month.
Johnson County residents thanking outgoing County Manager Hannes Zacharias earlier this month.

Thursday’s meeting of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners saw outgoing County Manager Hannes Zacharias’s supporters thanking him for his years of service and wishing him well as he made his final public meeting appearance.

With the board off next week, Zacharias took the opportunity to thank the county and board for the chance to work with them. As the result of four commissioners voting not to renew his contract, the award-winning administrator’s last day leading Johnson County Government will be Dec. 31.

“I appreciate the chance to have served with all of you the last several years and wish you all very well,” Zacharias said at the meeting.

County Chair Ed Eilert and Commissioners Ron Shaffer and Jim Allen used their comments at the meeting to recognize Zacharias for his steady leadership.

“I’m sure your that your talents will be much in demand, so good luck in making those choices,” Eilert said.

Allen noted that at the reception honoring Zacharias earlier this week, several people had noted what a positive influence he had on their careers either as students studying public administration or early in their professional lives. Shaffer said that it was clear from the hundreds of people who came to the reception that Zacharias’s dedication and talents were recognized far beyond the county administration building.

“I want to thank all the interested citizens and employees who understood and valued everything that Hannes has brought to this county the last 16 years,” Shaffer said.

Neither Commissioners Mike Brown nor Jason Osterhaus, who voted in favor of ousting Zacharias, made any mention of him in their comments. Michael Ashcraft thanks Zacharias for his service.

Steve Klika was absent from the meeting, which came a day after word broke that he had violently shaken an employee of the KCATA.