Northeast Johnson County morning roundup


Yoder cheers House’s passage of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Rep. Kevin Yoder was among the 227 Republicans who voted on Tuesday in favor of the updated Tax Cuts and Jobs Act negotiated by House and Senate leadership last week. The bill would be the most significant change to the tax code in three decades. “This was a vote to give relief to the 75 percent of Americans currently living paycheck to paycheck who have been suffering from a stifling economic anxiety and little to no wage growth over the last eight years,” Yoder said. “Today’s vote was a vote for every family, every single mom, every entrepreneur, and every student fighting to climb up the economic ladder and achieve the American Dream.” But Yoder’s support of the bill drew criticism from Tom Niermann, who is running as a Democrat for Yoder’s seat in Congress. Niermann said the bill’s elimination of the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act and its impact on the federal deficit. “It is hard to imagine a more cynical gesture than a vote to give millions of dollars back to campaign donors at the cost of a reckless $1.5 trillion deficit and endangering healthcare coverage for tens of millions of people,” Niermann said.

Olathe sex offender charged in new incident in Merriam. A 65 year old man who is a registered sex offender after having been convicted of a crime in Colorado was booked in Johnson County Jail Tuesday on misdemeanor sexual battery charges from an incident that took place in Merriam. The man, Philip Brian Millard, lives in Olathe. [65-year-old Olathe registered sex offender faces new charge in Merriam — Kansas City Star]