Northeast Johnson County morning roundup


Political scientist says Alabama results should concern Yoder. University of Kansas political science professor Patrick Miller told KCUR on Wednesday that Democrat Doug Jones’s win in the Alabama election could mean trouble for area incumbent Kevin Yoder. Miller notes that since President Trump’s election, special elections have shown that voters in highly educated, suburban areas are rejecting Trump and his fellow Republicans. “The number one Republican that imperils in Kansas is Kevin Yoder since he holds a high-education, suburban Clinton district,” Miller said. [Alabama Senate Race Bolsters Democrats’ Congressional Hopes In Kansas — KCUR]

Yoder signs letter to legislative leaders asking for educator expense deduction to be included in final tax bill, but doesn’t indicate he’s willing to withhold his vote for it. Rep. Kevin Yoder on Wednesday wrote a letter the legislative leaders working on a final Republican tax bill asking them to include an educator expense deduction of $500. Yoder’s vote for the House version of the bill, which included the elimination of the current $250 educator expense deduction, drew a protest from members of the American Federation of Teachers in November. “American teachers go above and beyond the call of duty for their students every single day, and the personal expenses they incur for classroom supplies are just one example of this,” reads the letter, which was signed by 12 members of the House. “The tax code should reward their dedication and help them recoup at least some of that cost.” Yoder has not given any indication, however, that he’s willing to withhold his vote on the bill should the deduction not be included.

Clayton talks to Swiss national television station about Kansas tax cuts. Overland Park Rep. Stephanie Clayton was recently featured in a segment on Swiss national television about the effect of Kansas tax cuts. The producers were interested in featuring Kansas’s efforts to shrink the size of government because Switzerland has traditionally maintained low tax rate. You can watch the segment here.