Roeland Park council zeros in on new logo featuring block lettering, suburban skyline

Roeland Park's current logo features a tree as its central image.
Roeland Park’s current logo features a tree as its central image.

Roeland Park’s efforts to select a new logo may finally be nearing an end. Councilmembers Monday gave unanimous consensus to move forward with finalizing a design concept which features modern block lettering, the outline of a Roeland Park-style home, trees and “est 1951.”

Behold, concept 8.
Behold, concept 8.

Monday’s discussion was rather mild as all councilors in attendance selected design concept 8 as their first or second choice among the remaining options. Councilmembers Becky Fast and Ryan Kellerman were not present at Monday’s meeting, though the council noted that Fast had also picked concept 8 as one of her favorites via email.

Font style was the main sticking point during the council’s previous discussion with several members preferring retro-style script font to the block lettering. During Monday’s meeting all councilors except for Sheri McNeil signaled support of the block lettering.

Councilmembers said they would like to see a few variations of concept 8 related to the “est 1951” placement and style and with the volume and grouping of the trees. Councilmember Michael Poppa said he had concerns with the scalability of the trees and Mayor Joel Marquardt suggested decreasing the amount or size of the trees or adjusting how they are grouped.

Final versions of the design will be reviewed and voted on during an upcoming meeting. Councilors noted they would like the final vote to take place prior to the swearing in of new Roeland Park councilmembers, set to happen January 8.

Councilors have been working on the rebranding efforts with the Kansas City-based planning and design firm Vireo since summer 2017 and also collaborated with Benedictine College before transitioning to the professional firm.