Traffic signal at Johnson Drive and Woodson in Mission will go live next week


The traffic signal at Johnson Drive and Woodson that outgoing Mission Mayor Steve Schowengerdt had strongly lobbied for this spring will be installed this week and made fully functional Dec. 12.

The intersection, which sees fairly heavy foot traffic from people walking to and from Johnson Drive businesses as well as those heading to the pool complex and city hall, had a traffic signal until 2014, when it was removed as part of the Johnson Drive renovation project. To be eligible for $2 million in federal funds, Mission had to agree to follow all of the recommendations in a traffic engineer’s study from 2011, which found that traffic volume there didn’t warrant a stoplight.

But Schowengerdt and a number of council members felt that the lack of a signal at the intersection posed a serious risk to pedestrians. The proximity of The Mission Project, which provides programming for people with special needs, added to Schowengerdt’s concern.

Schowengerdt broke a tie vote in the council in April to approve the installation of a new signal at the intersection for a cost of approximately $300,000.

City staff say the expect the controller for the traffic signal to be delivered and installed by Thursday. Regulations prevent new traffic signals from going on-line on Fridays and Mondays, so the city will wait until Tuesday to make it fully operations. Between Dec. 8 and 11, the signal will flash red and function as a four-way stop.