Northeast Johnson County morning roundup


Shawnee Mission dad who was told to stop talking while questioning board of education at open forum calls new commenting policy “maddening.” Jeff Passan, the SMSD parent who was told his comments critical of board member Deb Zila this past spring were not allowed during open forum, is not a fan of the board’s new policy manual, which formalizes the restriction on criticizing members of the board. “Aimed at the right people and offered with the right intentions, criticism works. It affects change. It is vital,” Passan said. “Here’s hoping the district’s overhauled school board understands that better than its predecessor, which earned every last whit of denunciation and more.” [Shawnee Mission School Board lets down its district with obstructionism — Kansas City Star]

A long look at the history of the Prairie Village farm that produced the state’s only Kentucky Derby winner. KCUR’s Sam Zeff and the Archiver podcast have produced a definitive history of Prairie Village’s Woolford farm and Lawrin, the horse it produced that went on to win the 1938 Kentucky Derby. [Derby Day in Kansas — KCUR]

Kansas’s effort to remake public education system getting national attention. The Kansas State Department of Education’s Kansas Can School Redesign Project is being looked to by national education organizations as a way to better align what is taught in schools with what students will need to succeed in the modern economy. [Kansas is Rebuilding its Entire Educational System — Big Think]