Outgoing Overland Park councilman Terry Goodman sounds off on ‘ultra-cons on the march’


Terry Goodman, the four-term Overland Park City Council incumbent who lost his reelection bid in November to upstart candidate Gina Burke, is none too happy with the way things have been going in Johnson County politics the past few weeks.

Goodman, who says he is a life-long registered Republican, issued a statement this morning critical of the “ultra-conservative” Burke and saying that members of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners who shared her political philosophy had overstepped their bounds in voting to end Hannes Zacharias’s time as county manager.

“OP now has a thin-skinned, know nothing, cry-baby ultra-conservative as their city council representative. And now, the ultra-cons on the JoCo Commission fire the county manager,” Goodman wrote. “Michael Ashcraft voted to oust the manager. He is quoted as saying that the county needs a ‘fresh perspective.’ Of interest, this is the exact same theme used by Gina Burke. There is nothing fresh about Gina Burke’s or Michael Ashcraft’s perspectives. Rather, they both represent the same old hate-filled, give everyone a gun, approach shared, I hope, by a minority of JoCo residents.”

The race between Burke and Goodman gained a good deal of attention after Burke publicized a series of messages Goodman had sent her pressuring her to get out of the race. In the final tally, Burke narrowly edged Goodman, taking 51 percent of the vote to his 48.

She said his reaction to the loss has been one of a “sore loser.”

“He just needs to get over the fact that he didn’t win,” Burke said. “I wanted the public to be aware of how he was treating people. If that makes me a cry-baby, so be it.”

Burke will be seated Jan. 8, and said she has been meeting with city staff to prepare for rolling onto the council.

For Goodman, though, her win and the conservatives’ move to oust Zacharias are troubling signs.

“Be afraid! Be very afraid!” he wrote. “The ultra-conservative, gun toting, gay-bashing, public school critic nuts are on the march in Johnson County…For the record, I have been a life-long registered Republican. That said, I am embarrassed by Ms. Burke, Mr. Ashcraft, Mr. Brown, Mr. Osterhaus, and Mr. Klika.”