Prairie Village man faces federal indictment for robbery attempts that yielded a pair of shoes, and nothing more


A Prairie Village man was indicted Thursday in federal court on charges stemming from back-to-back robbery attempts in Leavenworth and Olathe this September.

John Gail is facing up to 20 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines for stealing a pair of shoes from a Payless Shoe Source location in Leavenworth County on Sept. 11. He had demanded money from the Payless workers, but left with a pair of shoes and nothing more after one of the employees managed to escape from an entrance at the back of the store, apparently spooking him and prompting him to flee with no cash.

The next day, according to the indictment documents, Gail attempted to rob a Community America Credit Union in Olathe. Court documents indicated that Gail demanded that a teller give him the $100 and $50 bills in the bank’s registers, but when the teller didn’t immediately comply, Gail fled the building. Bank employees saw the car in which he fled, and alerted police to the make and model. Olathe officers stopped Gail shortly thereafter and arrested him.

The charges from the Community America incident would carry another 20 years in prison and up to another $250,000 in fines.

He was booked into Johnson County Jail after his arrest and stayed there until being released Nov. 6.

Gail had served several years in custody for a previous bank robbery conviction. He was released from federal prison in June.