Fairway resident chooses location close to home for new KC Family Dental practice

Sarah Brent, DDS, lives just a short drive from her new KC Family Dental practice in Fairway.
Sarah Brent, DDS, lives just a short drive from her new KC Family Dental practice in Fairway.

When Sarah Brent, DDS, heard the city of Fairway was selling the property it used to house its public works operations on Shawnee Mission Parkway, she could hardly wait to put in an offer.

23472169_1863183447033886_5915992426478705361_nAfter having treated patients as part of another dental practice out south for nearly a decade, Brent was ready to open up her own business. And the spot on Shawnee Mission Parkway, a short three-minute commute from her Fairway home, was the perfect location.

“I kind of always wanted to be the neighborhood dentist,” she said. “I basically said to the mayor, ‘So, can we get it, like, tomorrow?'”

Two years later, with the old public works facility demolished and her new, state-of-the art dental building built, Brent has her new practice, KC Family Dental, up and running. Fairway Mayor Jerry Wiley was Brent’s first patient at the practice earlier this month.

The building, which was designed in part by Generator Studios, features treatment areas for nine patients and a vaulted lobby area with three unique art installations.

“A lot of people have been stopping in just to ask questions about the building and the art,” Brent said. “It’s a unique space for a dental practice. Everything is very modern.”

Brent, whose father was a dentist who attended UMKC’s dental school as well, says she loves all areas of dentistry, and is passionate about high-tech, low pain treatment methods. In addition to family and pediatric dentistry, she offers services like dental implants, Invisalign, and advanced treatments for receding gums.

The practice is accepting new patients. You can find out more about KC Family Dental on their website here.