Introducing Shawnee Mission Post gift subscriptions, just in time for the holidays


People: There is simply no better gift than the gift of knowledge. (With the possible exception of those shiny European sports cars with the big bows on them that you see in the commercials).

In any case, this holiday season, we’re making it easy for our current subscribers to share the never ending joy that is unencumbered access to the Shawnee Mission Post with friends and loved ones. As of today, current subscribers can purchase a one-year gift subscription for someone else for $49.95 (that’s $15 off the full subscription price).

Here’s how it works:


  • That will bring up a page where you can enter the gift recipient’s name, email address and a gift message. You can also select the gift delivery date (say, Christmas Day, perhaps?):


  • On the gift delivery date, your giftee will get an email with a code they can enter to claim their year-long subscription. To claim a subscription, gift recipients just need to click the “Claim a Gift” button on the main subscription page. The email they get with the code will have detailed instructions:



  • The subscriptions last for a year, and do not auto renew. (The gift recipient will get a message shortly before their subscription expires, however, giving them the option to extend if they want to pay for it themselves).

Note: To purchase a gift subscription for someone else, you must have an active paid subscription account with us. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so here.

Have questions about gift subscriptions? We’re more than happy to answer them. Just shoot us an email here.