Roeland Park police take report on woman pretending to be nun who demanded placement in convent

Jay Senter - November 8, 2017 11:00 am
A priest at St. Agnes said a homeless woman dressed as a nun demanded placement in a convent.
A priest at St. Agnes said a homeless woman dressed as a nun demanded placement in a convent.

Leaders from St. Agnes Catholic Church have contacted Roeland Park police after a woman dressed in nun’s habit became angry at a priest when he questioned her credentials after she demanded placement in a convent.

A St. Agnes priest said the woman, who was carrying two plastic bags with her when she arrived at the church Tuesday, claimed she was a Catholic nun and requested that St. Agnes help place her in a convent. The priest, sensing something suspicious, contacted other metro area parishes to inquire if they’d encountered the woman.

“[The priest] was told by numerous Churches that they had also dealt with the same female and had also refused placing her because she is a fraud,” reads a report from the police department.

When the priest told the woman he could not help place her in a convent because he could not verify that she was, in fact, a nun, she became enraged.

“She immediately became very angry and rude, preaching to him and telling him he wasn’t helping her like he was suppose to,” reads the police account. The priest offered the woman $50 and a gift card to Walmart, but “she was so angry at him she refused to take it from him.”

The priest said that based on the encounter it appeared the woman may have a mental illness. The woman was mumbling and hard to understand at times, but the priest believes he heard her call herself “Sister Arugula” at one point. She is described as middle aged and of a slight build.

If you have any information about the woman, you can contact Roeland Park police at 913-677-3363.

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