Roeland Park, Fairway telling residents that curb address painting notices weren’t issued by cities

An aggressive marketing move by a group looking to make money by painting address numbers on the curbs outside some northeast Johnson County homes prompted a flurry of calls to a couple of city halls.

Roeland Park and Fairway sent out notices to residents yesterday informing them that neither the city nor waste hauler WCA had anything to do with the yellow fliers that many homeowners found taped to their trash carts. The fliers note that the “Reflective home addresses will be painted on curbs in your neighborhood tomorrow. These numbers may help Police, Fire and Ambulance services find your home especially at night when addresses can be hard to find.” The flier says proceeds from the painting of curb numbers would go to help a group called the Youth Freedom Fund. Here’s the full flier:


“The City would like to notify all residents that the NOTICE below was not issued by the City,” read a message from city hall to Fairway residents. “The City has not been able to verify the information listed on the notice.  You are not required to have your address painted on the curb. This notice is not associated with WCA and the service information that was posted on your cart.”