Some Belinder parents irked by Boy Scout assembly that cut into school time for students who can’t join


Shawnee Mission administrators received a slew of complaints from parents at Belinder Elementary after the school held an assembly to related to a Boy Scouts of America event the following evening, cutting into the end of the school day. Both female and male Belinder students were taken to the assembly even though girls aren’t presently allowed to join the group.

“Please explain how it happened today that the Boy Scouts were presenting – during school time – to ALL of our students when half of them aren’t even allowed to join,” read one parent’s note to district level administrators last Wednesday.

Belinder principal Steve Yeoman sent an email to the elementary school’s parents on Monday apologizing for the issue and saying he’d missed a set of directions from the administration about how to accommodate the Boy Scouts assembly with minimal disruption to class time.

“I recognize and appreciate the concern that learning time was disrupted for this,” Yeoman wrote in a note to parents. “And for that I apologize.”

The Boy Scouts national organization did announce plans earlier this month to begin opening programming to girls in the coming years, but girls are not presently permitted to take part in the group.