ICYMI: Full video from Tuesday’s Westwood candidate forum


On Tuesday, we held our fifth and final candidate forum in partnership with the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce for this election cycle. Four of the six candidates running for the at-large seats on Westwood’s city council answered a variety of questions about the issues facing the city.

Full video of the event, which was held at Westwood city hall, is below, along with a list of the questions and the associated timecode for when answers to each item begin:

1.) What does Westwood need to do to become a true pedestrian community? (Answers start at 13:33)
2.) What should the priorities be as Westwood and its neighbors look at the reworking of the 47th Street corridor? (Answers start at 20:10)
3.) When is it appropriate to use public financing incentives? (Answers start 26:15)
4.) What would you like to see in future phases of Woodside Village? (Answers start at 32:00)
5.) What strategies would you like to see to improve community engagement? (Answers start at 39:40)
6.) Are you in favor of the redevelopment of the Entercom property? (Answers start at 46:30)
7.) What’s the biggest challenge facing Westwood today? (Answers start at 54:05)