A look at some of Roeland Park’s concepts for improving pedestrian access along Roe Blvd.


Roeland Park is in the process of identifying priorities for the planned 2020 reconfiguration of Roe Blvd. from I-35 to Johnson Drive with the goal of increasing pedestrian safety and comfort.

As part of the visioning phase, the city has put together conceptual designs for a number of key points along the street.

Here’s a look at a design for the intersection of 53rd Street and Rosewood, with would include a new median island with crosswalks allowing pedestrians to travel east to west across the street:


Here are two different options for the entrance to the CVS and vet center in the business district. Both include an eight-foot path on the west side of the street that’s buffered from Roe Blvd.:


Here’s 50th Terrace and Roe Lane, which could include several new crosswalks and pedestrians islands, as well as new medians to sort traffic:


And here’s 48th and Skyline, which could include several new crosswalks as well:


The city is taking input on area residents’ priorities for the redesign via an online survey here.