Roeland Park mayoral candidates on the issues: What do you want to be able to say about Roeland Park 4 years from now?

Jay Senter - October 19, 2017 10:40 am

Currently vacant save for public art, the lot at the intersection of Johnson Drive and Roe could be the site of a mixed-use development.
Today we continue publishing the Roeland Park mayoral candidates’ responses to our general election questionnaire. Here’s the fourth and final question:

What do you hope you can say about Roeland Park four years from now that you can’t say today?

Mike Kelly


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Get Shawnee Mission Post’s latest headlines via email for FREE each weekday!

In four years, I hope that new businesses have opened, including restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment options to broaden the tax base and give us community destinations we don’t currently have.

I hope that Roe Boulevard is less congested and safer to traverse for pedestrians, thanks to our Roe 2020 project.

I hope that property values have risen, and that we’ve progressively lowered the mill levy each year I am in office.

I hope there is a renewed sense of optimism from council meetings that are efficient, transparent, and are free from partisan squabbles.

I hope for all of these things and more. But, none of our plans will work without you. Keeping citizens informed and engaged is the engine behind all of the progress we seek for Roeland Park.

Let’s work to better engage students at our world-class high school and elementary schools — not only as key partners in the community development mission, but also in civic activities.

Let’s do more to allow citizens access to their elected officials. We should explore live streaming council meetings, a new city website, and providing video/audio summaries explaining the council meeting in digestible chunks.

And let’s publicize volunteer opportunities so that we can maximize the use of our talents. Whether it be citizens committees, the community center, the schools, or otherwise, let’s make sure our talents are put to good use.

As Chairman of citizen committees and Chairman of the Community Foundation Advisory Board, I have worked hard for Roeland Park and have seen that dedicated citizens can have a big impact on behalf of our city. As a litigation attorney, I have shown the ability to fight for clients on a daily basis. While I hope my experience is a factor in our success, vision and work ethic are also key. Our vision for Roeland Park’s future, and our ability to work hard, set us apart.

I would be honored by the chance to serve you in the next four years. Please vote for Mike Kelly as Mayor of Roeland Park on November 7.

Roger Cooper

Four years from now, my HOPE is that our city can create a favorable resolution to the Wal-Mart issue, and that we resolve the uncertainty about how to pay for the swimming pool when Johnson County Parks and Recreation no longer pays for half of the expenses in 2018. We can Hope that our city’s high property taxes, and high sales tax reputation can be extinguished by moderating both by the end of 4 years.

My HOPE for the future is that our residents would be more helpful to anyone that we encounter, and more friendly to our neighbors.

Certainly Hate should have no presence in our city; FEAR hopefully would change to LOVE and showing kindness to others. May I suggest that we all work on being Neighborly?

Thanks to the candidates for participating.

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