JCCC Board of Trustees candidates on the issues: What do you want to be able to say about JCCC in 4 years?


Today we continue with the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees candidates’ responses to our general election questionnaire. Here’s the fourth and final item:

What would you like to be able to say about JCCC four years from now that you can’t say today?

Chris RoeselRoesel

What would I like to be able to say about JCCC in 4 years? JCCC has improved beyond my wildest vision in the last 4 years, thanks to the participation of the community. The community, including JCCC students, faculty, and staff, have made JCCC a path to the best future imaginable for Johnson County residents and a magnet for employers and job creation. Employment and incomes are increasing in a beautiful, positive environment that is a model for the world. Thank you, JCCC community!

Paul Sniderpaul-Snider

The College is headed in the right direction and I want to help keep up the momentum. In 2021 when I’m hopefully running for re-election, I want to be able to highlight several successes: broadening our workforce development programs through connections with employers; continued investment in resources for students and faculty; enhanced offerings for our aging population; and improved awareness about everything the College has to offer.

Jerry_Cook_JCCCJerry Cook (incumbent)

It would be the same thing that I can say today. The campus remains to be a safe and secure learning environment that inspires learning, transforms lives and improves communities. Beyond that, JCCC has completed a facilities master plan improving career and technical education opportunities, created a graphic arts facility and improved student pathways to enhanced career opportunities..

Cross-CollegeLee Cross (incumbent)

I would like to see tuition and fees be lower than they are now. The state should resume funding the entire community college system at pre-recessionary levels, and more. If the state continues to neglect or abdicate its responsibility to higher ed that places the burden even higher on Johnson County Tax Payers, and our students.

I would like to say JCCC has solar panels on all of its roof tops (which efficiencies generated help pay for themselves within 10 to 15 years). I would like to have windows that open. The City of Boston and others have realized the importance of this concept in order to increase efficiencies and better regulate temperatures indoors.

Angeliina_LawsonAngeliina Lawson

I would be looking for more trade skill programs that quickly turn students into employees in our community and our state. I would like to see the Brown & Gold program with our seniors restored, our trustees advocating for the college by speaking in our elementary/high schools as well as holding regular meetings with the public on our needs. I also hope to see more women on our JCCC Board.

Note: We did not receive a responses from candidates Benjamin Hodge or Henry Sandate.

That’s it! Thanks to all the candidates for participating.