Roeland Park selects concept for new logo that emphasizes city’s 1950s roots


By Holly Cook

Roeland Park councilmembers narrowed down the city’s future logo design to one concept Monday during a governing body workshop.

The logo concept approved by the Roeland Park city council.
The logo concept approved by the Roeland Park city council.
The council approved a design depicting a Roeland Park-style home with trees. The concept, noted as “Concept 2” in the attached report, utilizes a 1950’s style font and promotes the theme that Roeland Park “began as a neighborhood community and has evolved into a tight knit City that is growing but still has that desired community feel.”

Potential mottos associated with this design include “perfectly situated”, “a place to call home”, and “best kept secret.” The concept utilized retro-style tones of red, greens and grey and features the text “est. in 1951.”

Mayor Joel Marquardt said he thought the design was “fresh and lively” and looked like Roeland Park.
Councilmembers Sheri McNeil and Erin Thompson said they liked the retro feel of the font.

“To me that really brings it to when we were established,” McNeil said.

Several councilmembers had concerns with the trees’ location in the design, saying they looked like clouds or appeared to be floating. Marquardt suggested moving the trees so they overlap on the side of the house.

Councilmembers also requested seeing the design in other color options.

The approved concept almost received unanimous consent.

Councilor Michael Poppa said he liked both concepts, but spoke strongly in favor of the other design presented, which was circular and emphasized roots.

This logo design was more modern and abstract and meant to represent that Roeland Park is a place to put down roots “grow in community, raise a family and remain.” Several other councilmembers noted they also liked this concept, but preferred the other design more.