Spotted in NEJC: Some adventurous deer, a migrating gull, a healthy hawk


We’ve gotten a slew of cool wildlife submissions over the last couple weeks. We’ll start with a series of up-close-and-personal photos of a deer family that Prairie Village’s Andrew Wang spotted in his backyard earlier this month.

“There was a family of three working its way down the 7200 block of Canterbury through the backyards,” Wang said. “The smaller of these two couldn’t jump the fence on the north side of our yard so (I am assuming) mom hopped back over to show him or her how it was done leaving the other sibling on our neighbor’s yard.”


A few blocks to the south, Carol Tucker looked to the sky and was surprised to see a water bird floating above her Prairie Village home. The Franklin’s gull was migrating from is summer home in the marshes of the northern midwest to its winter home south of the equator on the west coast of South America.

“Always surprised to see gulls over PV,” she said.


And in Roeland Park, Scott Emmons found a large hawk perched on his backyard fence. He believes it to be a Northern Harrier: