Overland Park mayoral candidates on the issues: Is Overland Park using public finance incentives properly?

Tax incentives for development projects like Corbin Park on 135th Street have become a hot button issue in Overland Park in recent years.

Today we begin running the Overland Park mayoral candidates’ responses to our general election questionnaire. Here’s the first item, which had two parts:

Part 1) Overland Park’s use of public tax incentives in recent years has become a hot button issue. Proponents, like the Chamber of Commerce, say that “public-private partnership” on projects leads to high-quality developments that attract businesses and create jobs. Critics, however, say that the practice puts public money in the pockets of private developers, and point to underperforming projects like the Prairiefire development as evidence they aren’t warranted. Where do you stand on the use of public tax dollars to help get private development projects moving forward?