Kitchen fire prompts closure of Mission’s Peanut for a ‘couple days’

Photo courtesy Marianne Noll.
Photo courtesy Marianne Noll.

A fire that broke out in the wall behind the kitchen of The Peanut at 5400 Martway in Mission Wednesday afternoon will force patrons to find another spot for beer, BLTs and chicken wings for a couple of days.

Consolidated Fire District No. 2 firefighters got a call from restaurant staff yesterday afternoon around 3 p.m. reporting visible smoke in the kitchen area. When responders arrived on the scene, the found that some sound-dampening particle board in the wall between the kitchen and the adjacent vacant suite had caught fire.

Fire Marshall Todd Kerkhoff said it appeared that exposure to radiant heat from a six-top burner against the wall had sparked the blaze. Though fire damage was minimal, Kerkhoff said the restaurant would have to replace the wall firefighters removed to get to the smoldering particle board before reopening.

A message on The Peanut’s Facebook page says the spot “will be closed for a couple of days.”