Amy Slater, 18-year vet of Lenexa City Council, stepping down from seat


By Dawn Bormann Novascone

After 18 years of service, Lenexa City Councilwoman Amy K. Slater announced Tuesday that she will step down from public office next week.

Slater_DownSlater submitted her resignation effective Sept. 27 and work will begin immediately to find a replacement for Ward 3. Lenexa City Council members took turns both congratulating Slater, who was married Sunday, and offering their thanks for her energetic voice.

Mayor Michael Boehm pointed out that by winning her Ward 3 seat at age 26, Slater proved that leadership wasn’t solely for older residents.

Slater admits that leaving Lenexa for a new residence outside city boundaries wasn’t an easy decision. Yet the time is right to let others take over.

“I think experience matters and it counts but sometimes also a fresh perspective can be great as well,” she said.

City planning has been part of a lifelong passion for her. Even her childhood toys were built around city infrastructure.

“I built Lego cities. I drew cities on paper. I played Sim City,” she said. “Little did I realize that I could do that in real life.”

Slater, who works at Garmin, grew up in Lenexa and has been proud to serve during substantial growth including the building of Lenexa City Center.

“I’m proud of the quality of our city services, our Aaa financial ratings. Our budget process was really wonderful thanks to our financial staff,” she said.

Council members waited their turn Tuesday to praise Slater for her attention to detail, well-researched opinions and the pages of notes she took before making a decision.

“You made me a better council person because you were so well-prepared,” said Councilman Tom Nolte, who admitted that he would miss sparing with Slater.

Councilman Lou Serrone pointed out that Slater, who completed the Ironman Louisville Triathlon, was just as diligent with the budget as she was about responding to residents. Her energy outside the council chambers was also hard to ignore.

“Amy is an iron woman. She was the person out there running and umping and doing marathons,” Serrone said.

Slater says that she’ll miss hearing from constituents – happy or not – the most. She realized just how much she’ll miss those residents on Saturday at LenEXPO when she saw the civic space filled with people having fun. Slater knows there are those who believe the project cost too much. Yet she also believes it’s a project pushed by citizens that will stand the test of time for generations to come.

“When I saw all those people just enjoying that space and having so much fun,” she said. “They looked so happy that kind of made my whole experience. It was the icing on the cake.”

City officials are working on the process to fill Slater’s seat, which ends in January 2020. If you live in Ward 3 and want to apply, send a letter stating why you want to serve on the council. Applicants should include their community involvement and highlight professional experience. Letters should be sent to the City Clerk at 17101 W. 87th Street Parkway. Applications are due by Oct. 20.

Sidewalk artists at work during last weekend's LenEXPO. Photo by Dawn Bormann Novascone.
Sidewalk artists at work during last weekend’s LenEXPO. Photo by Dawn Bormann Novascone.