‘Pizza? Wine? What was I drinking?’: With drone-flown banner at Jazz Festival, woman looks to find ‘missed connection’ from 2014

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

At the Prairie Village Jazz Fest the weekend before last, some attendees were puzzled by a banner suspended over the crowd by a drone with a mysterious message: “Pizza? Wine? What was I drinking? Yes tonite!”

Well, it turns out the banner was one metro area women’s creative approach to a “missed connection” advertisement.

In the summer of 2014, the woman — who has asked that we don’t use her name — spent a lovely evening at the Jazz in the Woods festival in Overland Park. There, she made the acquaintance of a man with whom she struck an easy rapport. At the end of the evening, the man asked her to go out on a date for pizza and wine.

“I had some things going on at that time, so I did decline that night,” she said. “But now I’m available. And I would like to try to find him.”

She’s got a few clues to work from. The man said he was from Shawnee, and they’d talked about going to a specific restaurant at a specific time. (She tries to frequent the place now in hopes of running into him, but hasn’t connected yet). He was in his late 40s or 50s, she believes, but because he was wearing a straw hat “I am unsure if he had hair or not.”

“He had a great mustache, nice eye and a great personality,” she said.

The woman figured that the man, a fellow jazz lover, might be at the Prairie Village festival, and hired a drone operator to fly the banner. (The operator agreed to fly the sign only between sets after being contacted by festival organizers). She said the two had joked about something she was drinking, and that only the actual man would be able to answer the question.

Now, she’s hoping the man might get word of her message and get that date officially on the books. So, if you happen to be the mystery man, you can reach her on Twitter at @SexyJazz_Lady, or email us and we’ll pass the message along. Note, however: If you can’t answer the question “What was I drinking?” correctly, you’re going to be out of luck, buddy.