Shawnee police set up ‘internet exchange’ space in parking lot that’s under constant video surveillance


Sites like Craigslist have made it more and more common for total strangers to meet up to buy or sell an item.

The practice has been great for people looking for specialty goods¬†and deals, but it’s also created an opportunity for criminals, with reports of people being robbed or attacked while making a purchase unfortunately common.

In an effort to create a safer venue for people to meet up to exchange payment for goods they’re buying from someone they connected with on the internet, the Shawnee Police Department has established a new “Internet Exchange” spot in its parking lot.

Two bright green parking spaces marked “Internet Exchange” sit just yards away from the police department entrance at 5840 Renner. They are also under 24 hour video surveillance from two separate cameras.

“The intent of this Internet Purchase Exchange location is to provide our citizens with a location where they can feel safe making an internet purchase exchange,” read a message from the department about the new space.

However, the department notes that just because the space is under video surveillance doesn’t mean the feed is being monitored at all times.

“Being video monitored does not mean a person is watching each exchange, the location is just recorded,” read the message. “If a person using the Internet purchase exchange parking and needs the police, they need to call 911 or go inside the police department lobby.”