Mission post office removing sign banning animals from premises


The US Post Office location on Johnson Drive in Mission has removed a sign that had been in the window for the past couple weeks informing customers that “no animals” were allowed inside the facility.

That sign raised questions from a Shawnee Mission Post reader, who wondered whether that prohibition applied to service animals as well. When contacted about the post office policy, Strategic Communications Specialist Stacy St. John said the sign never should have been posted.

“Service animals are allowed in our offices, and we’re asking the employees there to remove the sign,” she said Thursday.

Moreover, the postal service does not rigidly enforce any policy requiring that a pet be officially registered as a service animal.

“We don’t ask for documentation,” she said. “Unless an animal is being disruptive or a threat to customers or staff, we allow people to have [animals] when they do business in our lobby.”