Two children killed in northern Overland Park apartment fire

Photo courtesy Overland Park Fire Department.
Photo courtesy Overland Park Fire Department.

A two-alarm fire in the 8800 block of Broadmoor Street in northern Overland Park took the lives of two children early Tuesday morning.

Crews from the Overland Park Fire Department, Leawood Fire Department and Consolidated Fire District No. 2 responded to a call at the Colonial Gardens Apartments around 2:30 a.m. this morning and found heavy smoke and flames pouring from the front and back of a two-story building. Several burn victims were already outside the structure, but firefighters got word that others were trapped inside the structure.

Rescue crews began an aggressive search inside the building while others worked to control and quell the flames.

During the search, firefighters found two children dead inside the building. Their names and ages have not been released.

Paramedics treated many burn victims at the scene. One adult woman was taken to the hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. One adult man was taken in with severe burns and another with minor burns. Two firefighters also received medical care after battling the blaze.

Overland Park Fire Officials say it took around two hours to put the fire out, and that four apartments were damaged in the event. All 12 of the apartments in the building have been evacuated as crews conduct their investigation into the cause of the fire and the safety of the building.

The Red Cross is in the process of assisting as many as 20 residents with temporary lodging accommodations.