Post on Yoder’s Facebook page about meeting with local activist groups draws clarification from Indivisible KC

Rep. Kevin Yoder.
Rep. Kevin Yoder.

A post on Rep. Kevin Yoder’s Facebook page earlier this week elicited some pushback from leaders of Indivisible KC, the group that has in recent months been pushing for Yoder to hold an in-person townhall among other issues.

On Tuesday, Yoder’s Facebook page featured an image of the Congressman sitting in his Overland Park office with a handful of people, and a message saying that he’d recently met with “local leaders from and Indivisible KC.” That was news to Indivisible KC’s organizers, who said they hadn’t been at the meeting.

Indivisble KC contacted Rep. Yoder’s staff about the post, and on Wednesday the office updated the message to read “local members from and Indivisble KC,” instead of “leaders.”

Indivisible posted the following message on its Facebook page about the situation:

“As leadership of Indivisible KC, we wish to clear up any confusion from potentially misleading information in Congressman Kevin Yoder’s post below.”

We applaud any members of Indivisible KC who exercised their power to attend this meeting as a constituent or member of another progressive group; however, official representatives of Indivisible KC leadership were not present.

Our central mission is to help constituents engage with Mr. Yoder on the issues that concern them, in open and constructive ways. The best way to accomplish this is with public town halls. We have been requesting these for months, and we hope the congressman will follow through in the near future.”

Yoder’s edited post is embedded below: