It’s Election Day – get out there and vote!


Primary Election Day has arrived, people. And if you haven’t cast your ballot through advanced voting, today’s the day to make your voice heard. Here’s what you need to know:

Everyone in the Shawnee Mission School District footprint will be voting in the primary for the at-large position on the board of education. People who live in the SM West feeder pattern will be voting in a primary for their school board representative as well. You can find info on those races here.

Residents in Merriam’s Ward 4, Overland Park’s Ward 1, and Roeland Park’s Ward 3 will all have city council primaries to vote in.

Roeland Park residents will also be voting in the mayoral primary. You can find info on that race here.

(Also, if you have any troubles at the polls with your registration, we’d love to know about it).