Developer will propose demolishing 3 Martway offices in Mission, building new 5-story apartment complex

A rendering of the proposed Martway apartment complex.
A rendering of the proposed Martway apartment complex.

A real estate development company that purchased three office buildings near the intersection of Martway Street and Beverly Avenue in Mission plans to submit a proposal that would replace those structures with a five-story apartment building with around 160 units.

Christian Arnold, a member of the group that purchased the buildings last year, will present his company’s idea for the site at a city council workshop on Wednesday. The group has proposed demolishing the existing office buildings at 6005, 6025 and 6045 Martway and has indicated to city staff that they intend to seek public financing incentives under the already-existing Rock Creek TIF district for the construction of the new building.

Because the site sits in a flood plain, the owners have proposed reserving the ground-floor of the project for parking, thus avoiding the potential for significant damage to apartments. The project would include a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartment layouts. Two small office suites would be located along Martway.

The company intends to file plans for consideration by the Mission Planning Commission at its August meeting.


A color-coded overhead view of the project is copied below. Click the image to enlarge it.