Prairie Village updates solid waste ordinance to clarify trash screening requirements, set fine amounts


The Prairie Village City Council this month approved the first significant changes to the city’s solid waste ordinance since 1973. Among the most notable updates, the new ordinance:

  • Deems that screens for trash containers shall not be made of: deciduous trees or shrubs that shed their leaves in the winter; air conditioning units; chain link fences; vehicles; tarps; or flower pots. The ordinance continues to require that trash containers must not be visible to people using public walkways or streets, meaning that they must be screened on two sides in most instances if the cans are not stored in a garage or behind a solid fence in a backyard.
  • Gives the solid waste director the authority to grant an exception to the screening requirements for elderly and disabled residents on a case-by-case basis
  • Give the solid waste director the authority to grant an amnesty period for violations of the code due to inclement weather.
  • Deems that trash, recycling and yard waste containers not be placed at the curb for pick up more than 12 hours ahead of the scheduled pick up date.

The updated ordinance also sets the fine amount for code violations at $25 on a first offense and includes a provision for dismissing the fine if residents address the violation in a timely manner.