Our questions for the Roeland Park mayoral candidates


Earlier this month, we asked readers to send in questions they’d like to hear the four candidates for Roeland Park mayor address. Well, we received A LOT of input (people are plugged in this election cycle…), and developed the following five-item questionnaire.

We’ll be sending it out to candidates Roger Cooper, Scott Gregory, Mike Kelly and Linda Mau and asking for their responses, which we’ll publish on the site July 17-21.

  • The city raised its property tax rate by 26 percent in 2014 in anticipation of Walmart leaving the city. With Walmart now committed to staying in the city in the near term, what should the city do with its property tax rate?
  • Some residents have been concerned in recent years that the council from time to time gets caught up in personal squabbles. As mayor, what steps would you take to ensure that Roeland Park’s city council and workshop meetings are civil and productive?
  • A group of Roeland Park citizens have taken it upon themselves to raise funds for the continued development of R Park. Do you support further development and preservation of existing parks in Roeland Park? If so, what features would you like to see added to community parks? How should those developments be funded?
  • Roeland Park faces a challenge in finding a new, long-term home for its public works operation. Where do you think the city should locate its public works facility? Why?
  • What about Roeland Park are you most proud of? What does Roeland Park need to work to improve?