Blanc Burgers + Bottles at Mission Farms closes its doors


A sign in the window of the Mission Farms Blanc Burgers + Bottles says the business has shut its doors for good.

“After almost 10 years in business Blanc Burgers is now closed!” reads the sign. “Thank you everybody who made this dream a reality. We have been truly blessed.”

Blanc was among the early tenants in the Mission Farms mixed-use development, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The company opened its first restaurant in Westport in March 2008 and expanded to Leawood shortly thereafter, offering a selection of gourmet burgers and craft beer and wine.

But it faced a series of fits and starts in the intervening years, shuttering its original Westport location to move to the Plaza. It left the Plaza location after four years to return to Westport, but closed that operation after a short stint. At one point, the company expanded to Omaha, but ended up closing its restaurant there after a little over a year in operation.

The Leawood spot was the longest-running and only remaining Blanc.