King Ghidoriah, Cthulhu and Bob battle it out on Mission’s ‘Big Monster Day’ in honor of Alex Goodwin

Mission employees debated which monsters would win in a battle as part of Alex Goodwin's "Big Monster Friday."
Mission employees debated which monsters would win in a battle as part of Alex Goodwin’s “Big Monster Friday.”

People, let me explain to you how the chain of command works: When the head honcho says “go,” you go.

So when the Mission Police Department dubbed 10-year-old Alexander Goodwin honorary police chief on Wednesday and he immediately decreed that Friday should be “Big Monster Friday,” members of city staff, the police department and Consolidated Fire District No. 2 sprang into action.

Per Goodwin’s wishes, each employee printed out a picture of his or her favorite big monster and gathered in the city hall lobby at 10:30 a.m. There, everyone broke up into monster teams of three or four and squared off, debating which monster team would win should the groups meet on the monster battle field. Here’s Alex explaining the rules:

You saw a pretty wide variety of monsters, from the blubbery, yet invincible Bob from Monsters vs. Aliens, to King Ghidoriah, a Godzilla arch-enemy, to Cthulhu, an “interdimensional God” once featured on South Park.

The finale came down to Team Godzilla vs. Team Ultraman — and resulted in a tie.

To give things the proper sense of festivity, non-honorary Police Chief Ben Hadley arranged for a friend to bring a 30-foot inflatable ape to the Mission City Hall lawn, a feat made possible by the sponsorship of the good people at Casey’s Auto Repair: