Leawood public works and information services directors announce their retirements


By Alicia Allison

Leawood Information Services Director Mark Andrasik and Public Works Director Joe Johnson announced their retirement at the Leawood city council meeting last week.

At the meeting, Andrasik and Johnson were each honored with the city’s Outstanding Service Award.

Mayor Dunn celebrated each of the retiree’s careers and introduced Andrasik and Johnson individually before they collected their awards and gave a parting speech. Andrasik was emotional during his parting speech.

“It’s an emotional time because you’re closing one chapter that’s been such an important chapter of your life,” said Andrasik. “Not that you’re completely closing it, but you’re moving onto that next stage…You get emotional for the people that you’re not gonna see on a day to day basis, which you’ve done for 34 years.”

Andrasik was also quick to thank Dunn and the city for helping him through the loss of his father in recent years.

“I had lost my dad about a year and a half ago,” said Andrasik. “The emotions of that still kind of come up every once in a while when you go through a big life change. Like moving on from this career.”

Johnson indicated it was difficult to bring his current job to a close, but noted that he will continue to work for the city of Leawood in the transportation department. His new position will begin June 19.

“I’ll be working within the transportation department municipal group and focusing on working with the local cities here in the metro area,” said Johnson. “On a broader basis, I’ll get to be put into some of these other areas if there are projects that will be beneficial for me to be a part of.

Andrasik said he was most looking forward to spending time with his family and hopes for a second honeymoon.

“Like I always say, family comes first; and it does,” he said during his parting speech. “I love you with everything that I’ve got. To Linda, my wife, my best friend, jump into the truck, kick off your shoes lay your head back, put your feet up on the dash I’ll put in some Alabama country music and we’ll head back to Colorado just like we did on our honeymoon.”