Linda Mau’s filing for both Roeland Park mayor and city council sets up odd potential situation

Linda Mau is running for both mayor and city council.
Linda Mau is running for both mayor and city council.

One candidate’s filings in a pair of Roeland Park municipal elections last week turned some heads: Former Roeland Park city councilwoman Linda Mau on Thursday put her name in the races for both mayor and the Ward 3 city council race.

Though some people assumed the listing was a mistake, it is, in fact, permissible for a candidate to file in two races. You just can’t serve in two offices at the same time. So, should Mau win both elections, she would choose one office to be sworn in to, leaving a vacancy in the second position. Under Roeland Park city ordinance, that vacancy would have to be filled by a special election.

Mau served on the Roeland Park council for one term from 2003-2007, and has been a frequent candidate and critic every since. She ran for mayor in the 2013 cycle that saw Joel Marquardt win the office, and then ran for city council in 2015, losing to Erin Thompson by nine votes.

Both the Ward 3 council race and the mayor’s race will have primaries.