The filing deadline has passed – here are the candidates for this year’s city and school board elections

Ron Appletoft will be the next mayor of Mission.
Ron Appletoft will be the next mayor of Mission.

Noon today represented the deadline for candidates to file in this year’s municipal and school board elections — and the last week has seen a handful of new aspirant public servants enter the field. Below is a list of the candidates running for offices in northeast Johnson County as posted on the Johnson County Election Office website at present, but here are the big takeaways from filing day:

  1. 1.) Two of the three races for the Shawnee Mission Board of Education will have a primary. Lee Biard’s filing ahead of the deadline in the SM West race expanded the field to four, triggering an August primary. There were already four candidates filed in the race for Cindy Neighbor’s at-large seat, but that race attracted a new candidate ahead of the deadline as well, a Lenexa resident named Fabian Shepard.
  2. 2.) Merriam will have a contested race for mayor. Incumbent Ken Sissom, who announced his candidacy a few months ago, will face Eric Jackson, who filed in the hours leading up to the deadline. Sissom has been in office for two terms.
  3. 3.) Roeland Park will have a new mayor and a contested election. Roeland Park incumbent Joel Marquardt did not file to run for a second term. Attorney Mike Kelly announced he was running for the seat in late May, and former councilman Scott Gregory filed for the race today. UPDATED: Two additional candidates filed in the mayor’s race at the last minute: former councilwoman Linda Mau and Roger Cooper. With four candidates in the field, there will be a primary. Mau has also field to run in the Ward 3 city council race, so there will be a primary there as well.
  4. 4.) Ron Appletoft will be the next mayor of Mission. The councilman was the only candidate to file for the office after sitting Mayor Steve Schowengerdt announced he would not seek a second term.

Shawnee Mission School District Board of Education

  • SM East area representative: James Lockard and Mary Sinclair
  • SM West area representative (will have August primary): Lee Biard (newly filed since last week), Craig Denny (incumbent), Laura Guy and Chris White.
  • At-large member (will have August primary): Mandi Hunter, Cindy Neighbor (incumbent), Heather Ousley, Robert Roberge and Fabian Shepard (newly filed since last week)


  • Mayor: Melanie Hepperly and James Poplinger.
  • Ward 1 Council Seat: Mathew Bowen and Kelly-Ann Buszek
  • Ward 2 Council Seat: Dan Bailey and JD Fair
  • Ward 3 Council Seat: David Watkins (incumbent)
  • Ward 4 Council Seat: Tanya Keys (incumbent)


  • Ward 1 Council Seat: Debra Filla (incumbent)
  • Ward 2 Council Seat: Mary Larson
  • Ward 3 Council Seat: Chuck Sipple (incumbent)
  • Ward 3 Council Seat (2 year unexpired term): Lisa Harrison (incumbent)
  • Ward 4 Council Seat: Julie Cain (incumbent)


  • Mayor: Eric Jackson (newly filed since last week) and Ken Sissom (incumbent)
  • Ward 1 Council Seat: Scott Diebold (incumbent) and Dennis Miles
  • Ward 2 Council Seat: Brian Knaff (incumbent) and Patty Newkirk
  • Ward 3 Council Seat: Christine Evans Hands (incumbent)
  • Ward 4 Council Seat: David Neal, Sam Matier and Cheryl Moore (incumbent)


  • Mayor: Ron Appletoft
  • Ward 1 Council Seat: Burton Taylor and Hillary Parker Thomas
  • Ward 2 Council Seat: Steve Betzold and Arcie Rothrock (incumbent)
  • Ward 3 Council Seat: Debbie Kring (incumbent)
  • Ward 4 Council Seat: Sollie Flora, Suzanne Gibbs (incumbent) and Bill Nichols

Mission Hills

  • Mayor: David Dickey
  • At-Large Council Members (Residents will vote for two or fewer candidates): Bill Bruning (incumbent), Barbara Nelson (incumbent) and Charles Payne

Mission Woods

  • Mayor: Robert Tietze (incumbent)
  • At-Large Council Members (Residents will vote for five or fewer candidates): Lauren Aleshire, Thomas Clemente, Michael Knierim, Amy McAnarney, Joan Ruff and William Young

Overland Park

  • Mayor: Carl Gerlach (incumbent) and Charlotte O’Hara
  • Ward 1 Council Seat (will have August primary): Logan Heley, Dave Janson (incumbent), Dean Mercer and Stephen Wyatt.
  • Ward 2 Council Seat: Curt Skoog (incumbent) and Channing Wolfe
  • Ward 3 Council Seat: Jim Kite (incumbent) and Debbie Taylor
  • Ward 4 Council Seat: Gina Burke and Terry Goodman (incumbent)
  • Ward 5 Council Seat: John Thompson (incumbent)
  • Ward 5 Council Seat (2 year unexpired term): Faris Farassati
  • Ward 6 Council Seat: Chris Newlin and David Whitaker

Prairie Village

  • Ward 1 Council Seat: Jori Nelson (incumbent)
  • Ward 2 Council Seat: Ron Nelson
  • Ward 3 Council Seat: Tucker Poling
  • Ward 4 Council Seat: Sheila Myers (incumbent)
  • Ward 5 Council Seat: Dan Runion (incumbent)
  • Ward 6 Council Seat: Terrence Gallagher (incumbent) and Scott Kramer

Roeland Park

  • Mayor: Scott Gregory (newly filed since last week), Mike Kelly, Linda Mau (newly filed), and Roger Cooper (newly filed)
  • Ward 1: Tom Madigan
  • Ward 2 Council Seat: Jen Hill and Leonard Tocco
  • Ward 3 Council Seat (will have August primary): William Scott Foy, Claudia McCormack and Linda Mau
  • Ward 4 Council Seat: Jim Kelly


  • At-Large Council Members (Residents will vote for three or fewer candidates): Lisa Cummins (incumbent), Jason Hannaman (incumbent), Jeff Harris, Pam Merrigan, Thomas Scott and Jayme Tebow.

Westwood Hills

  • Mayor: Paula Schwach (incumbent)
  • At-Large Council Members (Residents will vote for five or fewer candidates): Mary Becker, Rosemary Podrebarac (incumbent), George Sand, Karen Sexton (incumbent), Lugwig Villasi (incumbent) and John Weedman