The new grey shade on those fire hydrants? It’s only temporary


Northeast Johnson County residents may have noticed a new look to the fire hydrants that line their streets in recent days. But don’t get too attached to it.

Crews from WaterOne, Johnson County’s water utility, have been spraying the hydrants with a grey primer to prepare for a fresh coat of their standard yellow pedestal, black cap paint job.

“Just primer. Needs to set up for a few days,” said WaterOne’s Mandy Cawby of the grey hue. “They should be back around about a week afterwards to finish whenever they prime with grey.”

WaterOne crews will also be performing a safety audit on all 18,000 hydrants in the county this summer, running water from each one. Cawby stressed that hydrants remain fully operational during the repainting process.

“Sometimes people get worried that the paint color makes them out of service – not so,” Cawby said. “Still fully functional and fire departments are familiar with our annual summer maintenance routine.