New shelter, swing set coming to Windsor Park in Prairie Village sooner than expected

Windsor Park will be getting a series of improvements in the coming months.
Windsor Park will be getting a series of improvements in the coming months.

Parents who live in the vicinity of Windsor Park in Prairie Village will notice a series of improvements coming to the park later this year.

The city council on Monday approved a contract for $165,000 with Indigo Design, Inc., for the design, construction and material testing of a new swing set and shelter at the park, which is adjacent to St. Ann Catholic School.

The new swing set will be built on the site of the existing — and largely underused — shelter. The new shelter will be constructed just to the north of that spot.

One of the major benefits of the reconfiguration of the swing set locations and the shelter is that the play areas will be wholly viewable from the new shelter. Currently a cinderblock wall on the north edge of the shelter blocks the view of much of the park from the shelter area. The city will also relocate an existing trail so that it no longer cuts directly through the play area.

“We would have all of our play areas consolidated,” said city project manager Melissa Prenger. “And we would arch the trail so that everyone who is in play and who is in the shelter is kind of in one location.”

Windsor Park had initially be scheduled to receive improvements in the next couple years, but city staff suggested moving the Windsor project to this year and pushing back a planned project at Harmon Park as the city considers the potential for a more substantial reworking of the space near the municipal grounds.