Prairie Village approves project to extend pedestrian path along Mission Road down to Corinth Square

The pedestrian path along Mission Road will extend all the way to Corinth Square.

By this fall, Prairie Village residents will be able to walk from the Village Shops to Corinth Square along a wide sidewalk designed with pedestrians and casual cyclists in mind.

The Prairie Village City Council on Monday approved a contract with JM Fahey Construction for the renovation of Mission Road from 75th Street to 84th Street that will extend the wide path the city built along Mission Road from the Village Shops to 75th Street last year. The project will also include the installation of distinctive light posts and benches that were added to the first stretch of the path as a way to make the trail more appealing for pedestrians.

After neighborhood residents and the parents of kids who attend St. Ann Catholic School lobbied the city to improve pedestrian safety along Mission Road following a near-miss accident in February 2015. After considerable debate, the city voted to push the project to 2016 instead of waiting another year, as they’d initially planned. Since its completion last fall, the new path along Mission has seen a marked increase in pedestrian use among both neighborhood residents and students from St. Ann, Shawnee Mission East, and other schools.

With the approval of the construction contract Monday, that pedestrian path will soon extend south along Mission past Shawnee Mission East, the municipal complex, the churches at 79th Street and Mission, and the Corinth branch of the Johnson County library. Current construction plans call for benches and lampposts to be installed along the path at SM East, outside city hall, at 80th Street and near the library.

The project will also include the rehabilitation of the Mission Road asphalt along the stretch. Construction will begin in the coming weeks, and is scheduled to continue into the fall.

Once the 75th Street to 83rd Street stretch of the path project is complete, the city’s arts council will be working to hang banners from poles on the lampposts as a way to make the path distinctive.

“The original concept was to create a main street…from shopping center to shopping center,” said Mayor Laura Wassmer of the plans.

The council also approved an agreement for Fahey to repave the following roads this summer:

  • Fontana Street, 91st Street to 92nd Terrace
  • 87th Street, Mission Road to Delmar Road
  • Cedar Drive, Somerset Drive to 90th Street
  • Booth Street, 77th Street to Somerset Drive
  • 73rd Street, Booth Street to Springfield Street
  • 73rd Street – Springfield Street to Belinder Avenue
  • 94th Terrace, 95th Street to Nall
  • Tomahawk Road, 81st Street to 83rd Street
  • 72nd Terrace, 73rd Street to Cherokee Drive
  • 75th Street cul-de-sac
  • 83rd Terrace, Juniper Lane to Nall Avenue
  • Linden Drive cul-de-sac
  • El Monte Street, 67th Street to Oxford Road
  • 76th Street, Colonial Drive to Lamar Avenue
  • Rosewood Drive, 79th Street to Roe Avenue
  • City Hall Parking Lot
  • Oxford Road, Tomahawk Road to 69th Street

The total cost of the Mission Road project and other repaving projects will be $4,700,000. Funding through the Johnson County County Assistance Road System (CARS) program will provide more than $2 million for the Mission Road project.