Susan Geals Spears, 65

Spears-SusanSusan Geals Spears passed away Tuesday, May 2, 2017 after a year long battle with cancer. Susan was born in KCMO during the flood of 1951 on June 14th to Evelyn Jacobson Warsop and Thomas Woodrow Warsop, Sr. A Flag Day baby, her Dad got great joy by telling Susan that the neighbors were putting out flags for her birthday, and by sending her to neighbor’s front doors to ask, “Don’t you know it’s my birthday? Where is your flag?”

Daughter, wife, teacher, mother, and grandmother Susan cherished her family, and loved times spent with the whole group most of all. She inherited a love of stories from her Dad, and insisted that the story of how she met “…the love of her life” be told here. She also insisted that it begin, “This is a TRUE STORY”, with her trademark hand gesture for emphasis.