Some final notes before the paywall goes live April 12


Okay, gang, a few final notes before the Shawnee Mission Post paywall we’re all so excited about becomes a reality:

  • First, the paywall will officially go live next Wednesday, April 12. At that point, everyone will get three free story views per month before being prompted to subscribe. (The homepage, however, will remain free and accessible to anyone, so you will always be able to read the latest story on the site whether you’re a subscriber or not).
  • Second, we’ve gotten a great deal of feedback and questions about the subscription categories and pricing structure. A lot of people wanted to know if we would offer an annual subscription plan at a discount. A number of others asked why the subscription plan with the daily email newsletter cost more. We’ve played around with the numbers a bit, and think we can accommodate changes on both fronts, at least as part of our introductory pricing. So, when the subscription infrastructure goes live, you’ll have two options:
  1. Monthly full-access plus daily email newsletter: $5.95 per month (instead of the $7.95 a month we’d initially quoted)
  2. Annual full-access plus daily email newsletter: $64.95 per year (a discount of 9 percent off the monthly rate)If you subscribe to either of these options before the end of May, your pricing will be locked in through the end of 2018. That is, even if we reintroduce the extra cost for the email subscription later this year, you’ll still pay $5.95 per month for full-access plus the daily email newsletter at least through December 2018.
  • Third, if you donated to our fundraising campaign last fall, you’ll be getting an email by the end of the week with information about how to redeem your subscription discount. Again, for those of you who donated $10, $25 or $50, you will get free access to the site for a month. For those of you who donated $100 or $200, we’ll be giving you free access to the site through Sept. 1.
  • Fourth, we’ve gotten a number of inquiries from local governments about the possibility of a group subscription. If you’re interested in getting a group subscription for your organization, please email me here. Group subscription pricing, which will come with a significant discount, will be based on the number of full time employees the organization has. Please note that to qualify for a group subscription, an organization must have its employees sharing an email domain.

That’s all for now!