Shawnee Mission students get to go home four days early in May, unless it snows

Schools will be empty four days earlier this year. File photo

Students in the Shawnee Mission School District will get a big gift from the district in May: four days off to end the school year.

School had been scheduled to end on Thursday, May 25. Now, Friday, May 19 will be the last day for both students and teachers in the district. The change, approved this week by the school board, comes after a mild winter that saw the district not use any of the emergency or snow days that are built into the calendar each year.

The last day under both the old and new schedules is an early dismissal day. Final exams for high school students (with the exception of seniors) will still be on the last three days of school.

Teachers had been scheduled to leave on May 26, the day after students, but they will now leave on the same day as students.

The new schedule, though, depends on no unforeseen emergency days being used between now and the end of school.